Case Studies

Designed to help you start on your journey – but doesn’t stop there – see what our customers have done with our TAAP Technology. Start small, low risk, see the value and power of TAAP Advantage.

Cost Savings

Savings of nearly £1million by adopting a digital solution that eliminates paper-based checks and provides real-time visibility across thousands of stores.

Intuitive Solution

The solution, which is easy to implement and use, utilised existing technology working on and offline, and followed the exact processes and workflow logic that the retailer required.

Actionable Insights

The retailer gained actionable insights across its network, enabling data-driven decision-making, reduced costs, increased productivity and compliance.

We Keep It Simple

Paving the way for increased efficiency and sustained success in a rapidly evolving retail landscape frees time up for staff to focus on enhancing their customer’s experience. 

Retail - The UK's Top Ranked Retailer

Saving over £500K simply removing paper

Energy - FTSE 100 Inspection, Testing and Certification Company

Digitising 1000 forms for 15,000 field engineers

Scale at Speed

A leading FTSE 100 inspection, testing, and certification company in the energy sector, revolutionised its operations by digitising paper forms for 15,000 field engineers and inspectors across 88 countries

Simple Implementation

This digital transformation was accomplished at speed without requiring IT involvement, showcasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their streamlined approach.

Real-Time Visibility

With over 1,000 forms digitised in the first year and 2,500 custom branded reports created, they achieved real-time visibility, global inspection management, enhanced compliance, and adherence to industry standards.

A Competitive Edge

Their success exemplifies the power of digital solutions in driving operational excellence and ensuring industry compliance.

The Solution

The solution needed to allocate jobs, digitise forms for different types of onsite inspections and generate professional automated reports.

4 week delivery

Four weeks from start to finish. TAAP developed a logic-heavy app that ensured consistent data collection, mandatory field completion, and seamless integration of photographic evidence.

90% reduced admin

The digitised system eliminated paper-based processes, increased productivity, enhanced compliance, and improved customer service through 90% faster report generation, on-demand access, and uniformity of data.

Empowered Teams

The solution empowered engineers with assigned jobs, and streamlined reporting, while providing admin staff and managers with time savings and real-time progress updates.

Sustainability - a Leader in environmental protection systems

Streamlining inspections, enhancing customer service

Supply Chain Specialists - Streamlining Work Management

Going Digital Saved 90% Admin Time

Changing it up

A leading supply chain specialist in the UK and Ireland, partnered with TAAP to digitise their distress load management process achieving significant efficiency gains, productivity improvements, and enhanced customer service.

Streamlined Process

Rather than collating data and images from multiple sources, the solution provided an all in one data capture app with automated report generation, eliminating the need for paper, emails and separate file storage reduced admin by 90%.

Data Accuracy

Compliance levels increased with readily available reports and uniform data collection, while customers enjoyed faster turnaround times and improved supply chain reporting. 

Enhanced Customer Service

Our clients digital transformation streamlined their Distress Load management, optimising operations and delivering a more efficient and customer-centric service.

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