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Streamline, Digitise and Optimise your Processes.

Agile applications for a traditional sector.

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Improved Efficiency
Reduced Admin
Cost Savings

Enhance Processes For You and Your Teams

With inspections being carried out globally for multiple end clients with differing needs, TAAP’s solutions support you to own your inspection processes, digitising and updating them at speed.

Moderation Risk Based Inspections

Maintain competitive edge with moderation of inspections, this ensures a level of quality control, maintains SLA’s, supports targeted training needs and ensures end customer satisfaction.

About TAAP

We believe in enterprise software at affordable prices. TAAP has been focused on the build and delivery applications since 2003. We have tested, used and deployed our technology into 56 industries, 110+ verticals and for over 220 different business and operational workflows.

By offering our advanced tools & capabilities, we enable people to innovate and drive tangible change. Empowering businesses to optimise their operations, streamline processes, increase staff retention, and drive growth, leading to increased profitability.