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Automate your business process now.

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Automate your process

Improved Efficiency
Reduced Admin
Cost Savings

Enhance Your Existing Processes For You and Your Teams From £1 Per User Per Day using TAAP Advantage.

At TAAP, we aim to deliver leading edge technology that everybody can access. We build your App for free and then licence it from just £1 per person per day. 

Whether you have one paper or excel process that requires a digital form, or, a more complex system, TAAP Advantage can provide the solution for you.

Build your own applications on our platform - TAAP Accelerate.

TAAP Accelerate removes the day-to-day challenges of delayed projects, costs and talent shortages. 

It collapses the SDLC by increasing the speed of application development by 80%. Use our Ai assisted development module “ACE”  which increases application development by over 1000% faster with machine-generated code reducing human error from the start.  

Freedom to build what you want when you want it, no hidden fees, just a simple, low-cost licence model.

Our Marketplace has fully functional application templates to make the build process even quicker. Purchase straight from the MS Azure marketplace. 


TAAP The Agile Application has been focused on the build and delivery of No-code powered applications since 2003.

We have tested, used and deployed our technology into 56 Industries, 110+ Verticals and for over 220 different business and operational workflows.

We support all device form factors, operating systems, online and offline, integration to back end systems, hard real-time systems, third party integrations, custom extensions, and much more. We also support all non functional requirements from support version management, debugging, integration, instrumentation to help manage and deploy solutions at scale.

All free digitisation offers are subject to Terms and Conditions. TAAP have the right to accept or refuse form and app digitisation.